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For Civil CAD                   For Mechanical CAD

1 Autocad                      1 Autocad
2 Staad Pro                    2 Catia
3 ETABS                        3 SolidWorks
4 Revit Architecture          4 CREO(PRO-E)

For Interior CAD               For Architectural CAD

1 Autocad                      1 Revit Architecture
2 3ds Max(Vray)               2 Sketch Up(Vray)
3 Sketch Up(Vray)

For Electrical CAD 

1 Autocad


SketchUp with V-RAY

Introduction to SketchUp

  • Use of templates-How to get around in SketchUp, Navigation tools – pan, zoom, orbit Understanding the XYZ axis.
  • Select toolbar
  • Different views – Front, Top, Left, Perspective and Orthographic
  • Making components, making groups, comparison between group and component, benefit of components, saving components, re-loading components
  • Eraser toolbar, How to hide geometry, Use of Outliner or Hidden Geometry option, Default Tray. How to change dimensions using Entity Info. Understanding of Visual style from Default Tray
  • Drawing different shapes using line and freehand tools, Drawing basic shapes,Drawing with measurements, Drawing circles and arcs, Use of arc to make the edges curved, Use of polygons in drawing
  • Using and creation of shortcuts, Measuring items using Measuring tapes and to create guidelines, To write 2D text, 3D text, to give dimension, Editing of text, dimension, Change of axes
  • Move / copy, Polar and linear array techniques, Rotating object, Rotate and copy, Scaling an object, scaling of component, centroid scaling, Offset faces, edges, Modelling techniques, Using Push/Pull, Using Follow me
  • Uses of Plugins , Joint Push/Pull, Round corners, Sandbox, Curviloft,Tools on surface, Solid Tools
  • Creation of doors, windows, Creation of doors using PNG image,Creation of dog-legged stairs, spiral stairs, To create plants, trees model using PNG image, Use of Match New Photo tool
  • How to import Autocad file and converting it into 3D model
  • Paint Bucket, Material Editor, Texture and bitmaps, Getting to understand Material Editor, Positioning texture, use of seamless texture, To scale the material, to rotate material, To match material, To get groove in tiles,
  • How to create V-ray materials, Clear glass, coloured glass, frosted glass, Water effect in glass, swimming pool, Wood finishes and marble, Wooden glossy finish, Mat finish Mirror, chrome, gold metals, Use of Photoshop, How to create bump map, Jali effect
  • V-Ray lighting, Lamp lights, Rectangle light, spot light, dome light, cove light, sphere light, IES light, Use of emissive material
  • To position camera, To set camera frame, Look around view, To set focal length
  • Enviroment, V-ray render setup, 360 degree render view

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