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If you are to become a successful interior designer, then you have to have a certain knowledge about handling the software related to the field. even if you have spectacular designing ideas, you can’t go much further without using the software to realize it. to meet the demands
of the digitally developing world, you have to acquire the knowledge of designing with the help of the computers and software to appease your clients.

Nowadays, most of the clients want to check out of the demo of your designs before finalizing it. Without the help of the software, it would not be possible for you to meet their demands. It does not matter if you have your own business or working on a multinational firm, without the required digital know-how, it is next to impossible for you to succeed.

With the help of the digital medium, now it is possible to design houses, hotels, shopping complex etc. without just a few clicks. It is also possible for you to show the fully decorated illustrations to the clients almost immediately. Digital technology has sped up the whole process of interior designing which stoked the interest of the students in this course as well.

As most of the interior designing colleges and institutions don’t have the proper infrastructure to educate the students about the uses of the relevant technologies, most of the students are finding it hard to get a job. We consider this an unfortunate situation and are ready to extend the help to the students to learn about the essential technologies relevant to the field.

Here’s a List of the Software that the interior designers must learn handling:

  1. Autocad interior
  2. Autodesk 3d Studio Max
  3. Sketch up


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Learn AutoCAD Interiors?
AutoCAD is one of the best line drawing software available in the market. Starting from the carpenter to the mason, anyone can decipher the simple AutoCAD designs and continue their work.

Why Learn 3D MAX and Sketch Up?
These software helps to create a 3D image of the designs that the interior designer is trying to create. It can help the designer to appease the inquires of the client.

I Don’t Have Any Interior Designing Degree. Can I Join the Course?
Yes. You can learn and start your business, join a company, or do freelancing.

Here are some projects that have been created using the software.

Living Room

Office Interior

Kitchen room

Exterior Design