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Complete Interior Design Course

Certificate & Diploma Course


Module 1A : Interior Design and Construction
1. Interior decoration and its Principle
2. Projection and uses
3. Plan, Elevation and Section
4. Concept of Beam, column. Foundation, Roof, floors, Stair case etc.
5. Door & Windows
6. Brick Masonry – (Brick Bond, Types of brick and Size)
7. Stone Masonry – Bonds and types, Construction tools
8. Lintel and Arches
9. Isometric, Perspective Projection(definition)

Module 1B : Furniture Detailing and Sanitary – Plumbing
10. Carpentry joints.
11. Concept of furniture Layout.
12. Concept of Colour and Lights.
13. Paints, Varnishes, Distemper.
14. Concept of False Ceiling.
15. General Plumbing system.
16. General Sanitary fittings.
17. General layout of kitchen and toilets.
18. Concept of Showroom, Shop, Classroom, Residence etc.

Module 2 : Project Design

Planning and Drawing of a Single Room with kitchen and toilets with Sectional Elevation in a
drawing plate of A1 size sheet with furniture and sanitary layout.

Module 3 : Different Interior layouts and Its detailing

1. Scale and scale factor.
2. Introduction of Drawing tools
3. Projection and line drawing
4. Object drawings
5. Brick and Brick bond
6. Staircase
7. Door windows
8. Isometric view of furniture
9. Carpentry joints
10. Room furniture layout with elevation
11. Kitchen Layouts with elevation
12. Toilets Layouts with elevation
13. Plan of shop, class room, Showroom
14. Concept of colour and colour wheel.
15. Lettering

Module 4 : Geometric Design by software and Vastu shastra
19. Introduction of basic Drawing software(Computer Aided Drafting)
20. Application of software
21. Different command and uses of Auto Cad
22. Limitation and Benefits of Auto Cad
23. Vastu Sastra – uses in interior design
24. Foundation Detailing(simple)
25. Curving system.
26. Perspective projection (Station points, Picture plane etc.)
27. Method of drawing Perspective View.

Module 5 : Construction materials and Finishing
28. Different types of Flooring.
29. Paints, Varnishes, Distemper.
30. Basic construction materials – Cement, Sand, POP etc.
31. Colour composition and Lights.
32. False Ceiling, Wall Lining and Partition.
33. Concept of Air-conditioning.
34. Concept of Gardening
35. Choice and selection of interior materials.
36. Entrepreneurship ( Estimating, Billing, Concept of Tax and Sources of finance)

Module 6 : Project Design
Planning and Drawing of a Class room and a Restaurant with Pantry and toilets by Drafting
software (Auto cad) with furniture and sanitary layout.
Paper 8 : Different Interior layouts and Its detailing
16. Uses of Commands Practically.
17. Auto cad Scale and drawing area
18. Auto cad drawing Editing
19. Auto cad drawing Dimensioning
20. Auto cad drawing Text
21. Auto cad drawing Plotting and Printing
22. Plan and four wall elevation of a Residence, Shop, Showroom, and Clinic.
23. Perspective Projection (one point and two points)
24. Drawing of a simple foundation
25. Auto cad drawing rendering
26. 3D MAX DRAWING and Different Project


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