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PHP is a scripting language that is embedded in HTML. Much of its syntax has been borrowed from Perl, Java, and C with some exclusive PHP-specific features. The primary aim of this language is to allow the web developers to write down dynamically generated pages in a short period of time. Join the leading PHP training institute in Kolkata.

Module 1

  • An introduction to the basics of open source and PHP HTML.
  • Fundamentals of programming concepts, variables, conditions, printing, arrays, and loops.
  • Sorting, Functions, and also Dynamic Variable.
  • Database – MySQL, SQL Queries by using MySQL along with PHP.
  • Sessions system of login and logout.

Module 2

  • Basics of java script and file uploading.
  • CSS and creation of CSS based templates.
  • RSS, XML, and File Handling.
  • LightBox, HighSlide, Ajax, Javascript Advanced.
  • Mini projects to practice using core PHP concepts.

Module 3

  • Coding Standards, Photoshop, Browser testing, and Project Structures.
  • Shopping Cart- Terminal, as well as Frontend (MySQL and PHP)
  • Shopping Cart-Frontend and Backend.
  • Paypal and Payment Gateways and ckEditor.

Module 4

  • Cookies, Adsense, SEO, Analytics.
  • Search, Database Optimization, Joining, Smarty (Template Engine).
  • Exception Handling and Classes & Objects.
  • Gallery, ODBC, Flash Audio and Video Players, and version Control.
  • FTP, Notepad++, Security and Hackin Safeguards.

Module 5

  • OSCommerce and also other carts on SourceForge.
  • Admin and design customization in WordPress.
  • Plugins and JQuery in WordPress.
  • Admin, extension, and also design customization in Joomla.

Module 6

  • Making resume that are PHP specific.
  • Live project
  • Fundamentals of Magneto, framework of Yii along with project, MySQli, and PDO.
  • Laravel Framework, CURL. PHP5, SOAP, and internationalization.