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For Civil CAD                   For Mechanical CAD

1 Autocad                      1 Autocad
2 Staad Pro                    2 Catia
3 ETABS                        3 SolidWorks
4 Revit Architecture          4 CREO(PRO-E)

For Interior CAD               For Architectural CAD

1 Autocad                      1 Revit Architecture
2 3ds Max(Vray)               2 Sketch Up(Vray)
3 Sketch Up(Vray)

For Electrical CAD 

1 Autocad



Introduction to 3ds Max

  • Understanding the viewports- How to select different viewports, explanation of visual style
  • Different views – Front, Top, Left, Perspective and Orthographic
  • Getting to know Command Panel
  • Unit Setup
  • Explanation of different selection method
  • Working with objects
  • Copying an object
  • Making clones that shares same properties
  • Scaling of an object
  • Rotation of objects
  • Explanation of 3d Snap and Angle Snap
  • How to mirror an object

Introduction of 3ds Max objects

  • Understanding the Standard Primitive
  • Adjusting the object parameters
  • Modelling Standard Primitive objects using modifiers
  • Understanding Extended primitive
  • Working with groups

Use of Compound Objects

  • Boolean and ProBoolean option

Creating AEC objects

  • Creation of wall
  • Placement of different types of doors and windows
  • Adjustment of door and window parameters
  • Creation of railing
  • Creation of railing by following a path
  • Creation of stairs
  • Creation of foliage

Creating shapes using Splines

  • Drawing different shapes using Splines
  • Editing of Splines – How to attach/de-attach different shapes, trim, extend, outline, fillet, chamfer a shape
  • Creating thickness with a Splines
  • Extrusion of Splines

Introduction f Modifiers

  • Lathing a Spline, How to slice an object using Slice option, Lattice, Stretch, All FFDs option, Sweep,
  • Push, Relax, Turbosmooth, Smooth, Cap Hole, Shell, Taper, Wave

Editing by using Editable Poly

  • Creating advanced models using different options of Editable Poly
  • Furniture modelling with detailing– Bed, Wardrobe, Dressing unit, Sofa, Chairs, Study table, Kitchen cabinets

Use of Cloth modifier

  • Creation of bed sheet, pillow, curtain

Creation of rugs using Vray fur

Working with external data

  • Importing AutoCad plan into 3ds Max
  • Extruding the walls

Texturing using VRay material

  • Use of VRay material
  • Assigning the texture
  • How to use downloaded texture
  • Use of UVW map
  • Use of Bump maps

Creation of VRay material

  • Creation of different types of floor material
  • Creation of different metal – Bronze, Copper, Gold, Chrome, Steel
  • Creation of different types of glass material – Clear glass, Colour glass, Frosted glass
    Mirror material
  • Use of Reflection and Refraction to give glossy or mat finish effect

Introduction to VRay lights

  • VRay light – Plane, Sphere, Dome, Mesh light
  • VRay IES light
  • VRay Sun
  • Changing the parameters of lights

Vray Material

  • Use of VRay 2Sided material to create material for lamps, curtain
  • Use of VRay light material

Different effects of lights

  • Cove light, Tray light
  • Recessed Round Downlight, Recessed Square Downlight
  • Recessed Accent light, Task Lighting
  • Suspended linear flouroscent luminaire

Render Setup

  • VRay render settings.
  • VRay Camera.
  • Understanding the VRay camera settings.

Use of environment

  • HDRI enviroment


  • Rendering an interior / exterior scene using VRay

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